Storage Types


Often referred to as “Self Storage,” our Residential Storage Service can cater to a wide variety of needs:

  • Make the Transition. Moving but don’t exactly know when or where?
  • Summer Vacation or Seasonal Travel. College is done. Your apartment lease is done, too. And the last thing you’d even want to think about doing after the brutality of final exams is haul your entire pad 5 hours back home. No bueno. Give us a ring – we’ll hook you up pronto.
  • Military. We salute our men and women at arms. It’s our honor to serve those who lay everything on the line to serve our country. Let us safeguard your possessions when you are abroad safeguarding our nation.
  • Home Projects and Renovations. Remember that home renovation project that you’ve always wanted to do? Yeah, that one! Stockpile your home furnishings or project supplies with us while you finally knock it out. Build your ideal kitchen or simply free up some space to work on those longstanding projects.
  • A “Spare” Room. Got friends or relatives coming over but that guest bedroom has turned into an inhabitable treasure chest? How about a three-car garage that’s not a three-car garage? Off load your possessions into our storage and make your home livable once more!

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Commercial / Industrial

Storage facilities aren’t just for storing your personal household items, see how we can help with your business needs.

Use 254-STORAGE for:

Archiving documents, files and paperwork.
Freeing up office space by storing items that aren’t needed on a daily basis.
Storing office furniture and equipment.
Storing retail stock, either full-time or on a seasonal basis.
As a small-scale distribution centre.
Storing construction equipment between jobs.
Real Estate professionals can have 24/7 access to their yard signs and other marketing materials.
Storing restaurant equipment – both small and large.

Give us a call – we’re here when you need us most.

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Whether an unexpected force of nature or drastic change of events alters the course of your life, we know that emergencies happen. With 254-STORAGE, “damage control” is only a call away. We provide shelter for your valued possessions in times of need and transition.

Emergencies are indeed stressful times. Fortunately, emergency storage doesn’t need to be.
Give us a call – we’re here when you need us most.

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